Helping the Sheepdogs keep the wolves at bay

Get To Know The Owner & Trident Arms USA

We specialize in helping New firearm owners have badass mini-arsenals & stay safe like John Wick Too!

we put together this Origin story, like any good movie, so that you can get to know me and our new found mission; enjoy!

      If you want to:
  • buy, sell, and customize firearms
  • get firearm training
  • and Security coaching from a hacker...
Then we can definitely help you out with that!

We are awesome at helping you Protect yourself and Customize firearms

Stuff I Did Because It's Cool To Me:

  • ​Stood up Trident Arms USA as a Federally Licensed Arms Dealer (FFL Type 7 + SOT)
  • ​PhD in Business from the School of the Hard Knocks (It’s Always About You vs You)
  • Certified NRA Instructor (Pistol Course)
  • ​Certified in Physical & Operational Security (Protect Your House)
  • ​Certified in Risk Management (Understand Thy Weaknesses)
  • ​Certified #Hacker (Don't Be a Soft Target)
  • ​Certified in Automotive Refinishing - iCAR (We know how to paint)
  • ​Certified in Automotive Non-Structural Repair - iCAR (We fix broken things too

“Helping Sheepdogs Keep The Wolves At Bay!”

Some Stuff I Did To Help The Masses:

  • Joined My Beloved United States Marine Corps (Semper Fi!)
  • From E-5 to Government Executive (Rank GS-15 = Colonel)
  • ​Former Security Architect for the 5-Sided Building (Trust But Verify)
  • ​Former Hacker for the 5-Sided Building (Namaste)
  • ​Former Volunteer Firefighter (I like big hose and I cannot lie)
  • ​Former VA Licensed Emergency Medical Technical (EMT)

I use this pool of experience to better help firearms owners customize their mini-arsenals and increase their safety by providing firearm & security training

Stuff I Did To Give Away My Passion:

  • Creator of Protect And Customize (PAC) Firearm Safety Program. PAC was designed to protect firearm surfaces from rust and help bring firearm safety to the masses
  • ​Security Coach, Speaker and Firearms Instructor
  • ​24 years of hard-core Security experience designing multi-million dollar architectures to help secure buildings, humans & information both in digital and physical format! Stay safe & protected yourself

The Journey Summarized:

  • United States Marine
  • Security Coach, NRA Firearms Instructor and Speaker
  • ​Security Architect skilled in Physical & Offensive Security 
  • ​Started Trident Arms USA in 2020 (COVID makes things hard… sad panda)

Goal for this business is to help firearm owners design badass guns and help bring firearm safety to the masses

Our Favorite Quote:

“Trust But Verify... trust people are good natured but verify you’re always Carrying Your Gun!”

When you want to Have a badass arsenal & stay safe like John Wick too, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from a team Passionate About Helping you Protect And Customize your world! 

Thank you For Viewing & Welcome to Trident Arms USA

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